Hawaii Passage Day 9: Photos!

Monday April 13, 2020

The Galley Wench sent a series of low res fotos from Estelle to the Home Station Master this morning. The crew had a good Easter and reported that they were even able to get the Genoa out on the pole for a couple hours. Fingers crossed that the winds keep veering aft and Estelle gets into those elusive trade winds this week for a more comfortable ride.

The Galley Wench Report

Bits on Board!

Good morning
We had a lovely and mellow Easter. Amazing that much of what I have to report is around what we are eating. Maybe that’s not so amazing – it is the one thing that has been changing on a daily basis. We celebrated Easter brunch with a lovely chorizo and sweet potato egg pie, followed by blueberry muffins and chocolate chip cookies. A lite lunch of cheese and crackers with curried deviled eggs, dinner was chipotle chicken tostadas and lime coleslaw.

Happy Easter! Enjoyed a little egg pie this am and planning on deviled eggs this afternoon- could make for an aromatic evening. Cheers

We ended the day by cleaning the head; with Greg vacuuming the salon. We are neat and tidy. Laundry today followed by bread baking endeavors. Wish me luck as I have never been much of a baker let alone bread! Mark assures me that it will be just fine just like he assures me to “pull on that line—it will be fine”.

Well kids there is no such thing as a holiday without a game of cards!

Super morning, high clouds keeping the temps cool but not cold, a light fleece works. Still no fish despite our best trawling efforts, maybe today. ESTELLE continues to handle magnificently. I’m going to see if I can do a few planks while underway. That should be good for some laughs.

Well carry on! Say hi to Clovis from us. Xoxo

2 thoughts on “Hawaii Passage Day 9: Photos!

  1. You guys are so lucky to be where you are. Hopefully when you return, some of these times will be behind us. Stay safe and get a good tan. See you in the later spring
    Wendy, I missed wearing the bunny head with you. Next year.💪🏻🐰


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