Hawaii Passage Days 11-13: Life on Board

April 17, 2020

Short report from El Capitán today, followed by snippets of life on board from the Galley Wench over the last few days. Also, the crew encourages blog readers to post comments. They love hearing from you!

The Captain’s Log

First, as I think you know, we will likely arrive in about 10 days — 25th to 27th — depending on wind and timing of our approach.  We are no in a hurry, per se, especially is we would be quarantined on the boat after checking in.  I’d rather slow down and spend that time on the boat at sea.  As of now, anyway.

We are sailing downwind, wing-on-wing, in 17 knots of breeze doing about 7 knots of boat speed… gently rolling from side-to-side, up-and-down.    At least we are moving and the sails aren’t slating all the time.  We’ve had a little of that but, fortunately, not much.  

The Galley Wench Report

Ahoy from the SV ESTELLE,
Here’s an early am selfie! Teeth are still clean and not to crusty. Donning my favorite, and shall I say appropriate cap?

The Galley Queen

Woke up this am to another cloudy morning. Although a full sunny day sounds good, when the sun does pop out it’s pretty warm, even with the clouds. I don’t think I can put off laundry for another day, rats. I’m still thinking that tossing my stinking rags overboard is a better solution. Besides I’m going to need to buy a couple mumus in Hawaii (luv spell check it changed mumus to mucus) for my ever widening bottom, yikes!

Success! Laundry on the line!

Bread was great, we toasted it with marmalade. Decadent. Gonna try Greg’s English Muffin bread recipe tomorrow.

Another meal of fresh yellow fin last evening. What delicious fish. Something big hit our line yesterday afternoon, took the lure, broke the 80 lb line, and took a big chunk out of our rig. I’m still holding out for the mahi-mahi. Done with tuna.

Our hope is to get to Hilo 24-25 and fingers crossed quarantine will be lifted by the 30th. One day at a time! This would be my first spring/ summer at home without a job and I had big plans…. ha ha ha. I’m sure when we’re old we will all sit around and reminisce about the great pandemic of 2020! 

Winds are unchanged, hanging around 17-20 kts making for a (for the most part) comfy ride. 

Reefing the Main

Mark and Rob are leading in the cribbage tournament but Greg and I are getting prepped for the big come back. We just need to get a hand with more than 4 points. 

Crew remains healthy, uninjured and in good spirits. Please give KB our love and let her know she’s in our prayers! 
Peace out,

7 thoughts on “Hawaii Passage Days 11-13: Life on Board

  1. Hi guys, Nice hearing from you – jealous of your distance from the daily news.
    I agree with you, no rush to get back to society. The longer you wait, maybe, just maybe, the more somewhat “normal” it might be. We are going to a fancy-schmancy wine tasting tonight, in someone’s backyard, 6 ft, apart, of course, bet you can guess with who😀 Will take a couple pictures and maybe be able to send them to you. Maybe what’s app? Durango life is good, hiking, biking and other outdoor activities still available to us, lucky for that. Wendy, have you taught them “10’s”:) We will have to brush up on our cribbage playing , sounds like you’ve been playing a lot. Smooth sailing friends, those old and new ones we haven’t met yet👍🏼


  2. Thank you so much for posting about your most remarkable trip. It allows those of us “sheltering in place” a wonderful visual about which to dream. We are so impressed with your courage and fortitude! Godspeed…


  3. Great to hear you four are doing so well. What a great adventure. I wish we were alongside in Ghillie. Continued success and enjoy the ride. Thanks for posting your Blog and sharing this. Thinking of you, John and Susan, Ghillie


  4. Glad to hear all is well with you and same for us. We are a little bit tired of our shelter in place and to top it off it has been snowing this week! Ugghh. Books and puzzles, books and puzzles.Chris is finally organizing his railroad room. Should have Prosthesis in 3-4 weeks,woohoo! Stay safe and enjoy!😷👍😘


  5. Hi to all you crazy brave sailor adventurers -you’re making us land lubbers feel quite dull!! Been working on a few home projects, sanding and staining the deck (disgusting task), ripping out fences (between the houses) and getting ready to rip up the grass and dig post holes! I know you’re stinking jealous!!

    David rides his bike to work everyday and I stay at home, occasionally I make a cameo appearance but just filed for unemployment! Unbelievable!

    On the positive side, we’re all healthy and surviving! Last night in the back yard we had a masked Zoom wine tasting of Billy’s, Mink Vineyard pino’s. Rick drank out of his disgusting coffee cup and Sue brought deviled eggs individually wrapped for each couple! Computer was set up outside and apart from a few glitches it worked! Felt so good to be social!

    Well, I’m going to get out of bed and find something to clean, maybe I’ll fill the bird feeder or dust my car. Thinking of you, love getting your updates and good luck with that laundry! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


  6. Thinking of you Mark. Can’t believe you are actually doing this. Sounds like you have a good crew. Like will you have to contact coastguard when you arrive to see if you can dock if it is before the 30th. It has been extended until May 15th here, but rebellions are in the air… people are not happy about it and demonstrations have happened in 2 states. Gods Speed Mark and Crew!


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