April 29, 2020

Furloughed Galley Wench Report

Yes, the crew on Estelle has been a little derelict when it comes to communications since being in harbor. I will try and rectify that.

We spent Saturday night (our first night in port) in lovely, well deserved and appreciated slumber. Sunday was spent relaxing, swimming and kayaking and speculating as to what the authorities would tell us on Monday.

We had all accepted the fact of a 14 day Hawaii quarantine but what exactly did that mean? What could we do and what were our restrictions? The quarantine restrictions for air travel is very prescribed, the restrictions for arriving via sailing vessel, were unknown to us.

The remainder of Sunday was spent chatting with those who dared approach Estelle via canoe or kayak, and wondering about ways to re-provision our diminishing stores. Two sets of visitors proved to be God sent. One, Suzzie, a mature woman with bright blue eyes and a thick greying ponytail canoed over and made mention of “her farm” and the ability to provide “some local fruits and veggies” to us the next day. “Well super, thanks Suzzie, we will see ya tomorrow.”

Fresh Produce? Yes please!

The other visit was from Dan Handler and his daughter Fiona. They were chatting with Mark and Gregg as Rob and I pulled up from our exploratory kayak adventure. They seemed nice enough and chatty and very friendly. Dan even offered us a bedroom. “My what friendly people they have in Hilo!” 20 minutes later I discovered that Dan and Fiona were friends of Mike Kerhin (bro-in law and Raine -niece) respectively. Face slap Wendy!

Aloha Dan & Fiona!

Fast forward to Monday. Carrot cake muffins for breakfast and a quick shave of the legs while sitting in the kayak waiting for Mark’s return from customs and border patrol, and the harbor master. We awaited our uncertain fate. Mark returned 11am and unfolded our new reality.

Yes – we are required to quarantine for 14 days and yes we were given recognition for the two days we sat in Reeds Bay, Hilo. No credit however for our 21 day of sea isolation. But….. yes it was recognized that there were essential activities that we were allowed to do: get groceries, swim, snorkel, kayak, etc. but essentially stay put in one place. We were actually encouraged to find “shelter” somewhere off the boat. Very funny, we have not found one hotel in Hilo open! Not sure what they were thinking we would do.

So? Why not head for Alaska or the Pacific Northwest? Just re-provision and carry on? Short answer is that we are waiting for better weather up north. And boy am I on board with that! I’ve seen deadliest catch!

There is more to this story so stay tuned, its gin time!

Aloha! Cheers! WB

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