Hawaii Passage Day 6: Update from the Galley Wench

April 10, 2020

Today’s email from Sis.

Where 15 knots once felt fast it seems to be the knew normal – calmer seas and bellies all around – even at 20+ knots.

A couple nice meals of chicken, rice and green beans last evening followed by yummy potato, sweet potato, beet, and chorizo hash with eggs for brunch. Oops and can’t forget the apple crumble covered in cream for dessert!

Great team, feels very relaxed. Capt is obvious in his skills, passion and most of all patience. First mate Greg’s a joy, easy, friendly. Steady 2nd mate Rob is … eager, and willing, and me? Comfortable as the galley wench but a bit shy in boat sailing stuff. But this too shall pass- helped reef the main with Mark today under 20 knots of wind. The captain gallantly took the brunt of the wave that crashed on us just as we were about to finish, of course.

Can’t believe we are closing in on week 1! Woohoo

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