Hawaii Passage Day 5: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

April 9, 2020

Two emails from Estelle today!

From El Capitán

It is about 0245 UTC, which we use as ship’s time on this passage — crossing four time zones makes it hard to keep track of “local” time. The sun went down about an hour ago and ESTELLE is settling in for the night. I am waiting for my next watch to start in about 3 hours. We are currently at 19d 46’ W 116d 38’ N, about 370 miles SW of the tip of Baja.

Today was a bit of a rest day, as the wind and waves moderated some from the rough conditions we experienced yesterday. The wind veered to the N and NE some, which help lift us onto a better course, but we are still sailing a shallow broad reach and square to the waves. Today the wind has been mostly in high teens, and we’ve been sailing with a single reef in the main and the staysail. We occasionally get knocked around but, in general, it has been much more comfortable.

We took advantage of the relative calm to catch up on sleep/rest. Wendy cooked an awesome meal of roasted chicken, green beans, rice, and apple crumble with cream for desert. Yum! The crew is still settling into the rhythm of things. Thankfully, nobody has been terribly seasick; just sleep deprived, a little off balance and maybe a touch queasy. That will pass, I am confident.


From Sis

So a bit of a tough day for me yesterday- gaaaa-flipping gnarly headache! Motion sickness? Dehydration? Stress? Who knows? But I’m happy to say I’m feeling pretty good right now. Winds are down to 20’s so the ride is getting better…plus a day of sleep, more or less helped out. Brushing and flossing probably didn’t hurt.

The ladies are all settling in, can’t say that we have a routine yet but working on it.
Tonight I’m planning on teriyaki chicken with rice and stir fry garlic green beans. The only real looser in the veg dept was the avocados – but hey

Cheers mate

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