Hawaii Passage Day 2: Rocking and Rolling

April 7, 2020

The home station master received two reports from Estelle today (along with a few low-res fotos).

El Capitán’s Report

Yes, we left Baja behind us last night, along with the choppy seas and variable winds associated with the Cape.  We finally got into some steady breeze at about 2:30am local time and have been sailing nicely ever since.  Winds are fairly strong (upper teens, gusting to low-twenties) and the waves are about 3-5 feet.  We are on a beamish reach, so it has been bouncy.  To make the ride more comfortable we have a double reef in the main and are flying the small stays’l.  That combination has slowed us some but that is okay for now as the seas are still kind of choppy and just off the beam.  

Our current course is broadly in-line with some waypoints I’ve set, using both Commander’s Weather and PredictWind routing information.  Over the next couple of days, I anticipate the wind veering from NW to N to NE, which will lift our course significantly on this point of sail.  Waves will follow.  Eventually we will crack-off onto a broader reach toward HI.  That should be a more comfortable downwind ride. 

Everything on the boat is working well.  The Hydrovane is doing it’s job and is a real asset — very happy to have it.  It does, however, produce a low-frequency harmonic vibration when we get above 6.5kts.  Hydrovane is aware of this issue, and has some suggested fixes (can’t do them underway) but that part is annoying.  

The crew is doing well, settling into the rhythm of life at sea.  Our watch schedule seems to work for everyone and we seem to be getting enough rest, so far.  Food has been great (THANKS again!).  Spirits are good.

We are all happy to be sailing.  The first two days of getting out of La Paz, away from Mexico and off the Cape were frustrating.  No wind, which meant motoring, plus anxiety about being stopped along the way.  But, I had committed to using 1/4 of our fuel for getting away and that’s pretty much what it took.  It was time to leave and I am concerned for cruisers still there (The Thompsons, and others).  

The Sis Report

Gud day from ESTELLE!
A wild 24 hours- wind then no wind yesterday – the one constant is waves! It’s a rocker and a roller, put up storm jib, 2 reefs in main, today as knots are picking up- sailed off our first chart- temps are holding between 97.5 and 98.5- so far boat isolation is working- instant Oatmeal, ritz crackers, and soup makes up our gourmet meals today with a side of avocado toast. Spirits are good- 

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