Hawaii Passage Days 16-17: Anchorage Issues

Notes from the Station Manager and El Capitán

Logistical planning continues to be a challenge in this time of quarantine and border closings. As of today, our fingers are crossed that the 14 day quarantine for all visitors to Hawaii will be lifted on April 30–though our local source is not hopeful. Also the crew continues to monitor the closed border situation with Canada. After Hawaii, the plan had been to head to Alaska, summering in British Columbia. One alternative scenario is to head Estelle back home, after Hawaii, to the San Juan Islands. But one problem at a time…

The Station Manager spoke with Hilo Harbor yesterday and Radio Bay is now closed to additional boats. Says El Capitán,

I am not surprised to hear that about Radio Bay.  I believe the anchorage is pretty small, basically an open area near the med-mooring tie-ups and the main dock.  Not a lot of room for corona refugees.  Reeds Bay and the rest of the harbor are bigger, more open, less sheltered but still behind the big breakwater — from what I can tell from the charts.  

Elena (GWBB – the Galley Wench’s Best Buddy who lives in Kona) seemed to think things would tighten rather than loosen in Hawaii — there is talk of stopping out of state flights, etc.  Who knows?  I expect some announcement later in the week.  We’ll see…

Galley Wench Report Day 16

Day 16! How time flies! I’m wondering if veggies are still considered fresh after being in a cooler for 17-18 days? We’re down to a few cuties, a couple apples, some carrots, and cabbage! Pretty soon we will be digging into the canned goods but for now no worries! Still have plenty of coffee and canned tomatoes.

On a down note, no mahi-mahi! To make matters worse yesterday something ate the hooks off of the lures? Say what? Typical is to lose a lure along with the hooks after a line breaks.  This was the strangest thing.  We, however, are not about to give up! Mahi today.  We did have a fishing boat come within a mile of us.  They had come from the South Pacific fishing for albacore and heading to ??? We believe maybe Oregon.  

Last night we had a smorgasbord of weather.  Winds from 8 to 34 knots, winds out of the SW, SE, N, a little rain and stars.  When the stars come out its flipping amazing.  I thought stars in the dessert were fab but here with the forever horizon its breathtaking.  It makes one feel very small and grateful. This morning we are back running wing on wing (a sail position) with the trades. 

Starting to go through our stock on hand and preparing our shopping list for Hilo.  My BFF from back in the day, Elena, (now referred to as the GWBB) lives in Kona on the Big Island. I’m sure people have heard me talk about my days living in Leadville with Elena, trips to Mexico, and car doors flying off due to the winds in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Well, those adventures were with Elena. So Elena is going to help us provision when we reach the Big Island, which is a godsend.  

We are approaching our stop in Hilo with a “worse case” scenario approach. In other words, having Elena start to gather supplies now, in case of a quick turnaround.  We were informed that even if we need to quarantine that swimming and surfing is allowed! We are thinking that decisions one way or another will be forthcoming this week. Especially interested in what Canada has to say.  

Crew continues to amaze in and enjoy the experience.
Cheers from the Crew of Estelle

Galley Wench Report Day 17

Good morning world!
I’ve been reading Blue Latitudes by Tony Horwitz. Horwitz follows the adventures of Captain Cook. At day 17 it’s hard for me to fathom 3 years at sea such as ol Cookie did! Granted he could get off the boat when he saw land… well most of the time. And there is the time he landed among those unfriendlies on the Hawaiian islands and got himself killed. Not sure where this is going but it’s a good read.

A beautiful sunrise over the Pacific this AM – looking like a glorious day. We’re drinking coffee and eating coffee cake and letting ESTELLE do all the work. We have been making good miles and if these winds keep up I wouldn’t be surprised if we hit Hilo on the 25th at the earliest or the 26th. Then the next adventure begins. Yahoo.

We’re thinking of you all – cheers!

4 thoughts on “Hawaii Passage Days 16-17: Anchorage Issues

  1. Ahoy Mates!
    Glad you are all safe and healthy!!
    Should like it’s a smooth trip which is nothing short of spectacular. Can’t wait for more pictures.
    The food sounds amazing…. no doubt with Chef Wendy! So happy for you all!!
    Life here is calm and productive. No hurry to return to normal… Haha… semi retirement is on!!
    See us all soon!!
    All the best….K& LJ


  2. How about Honokohau Harbor in Kona, on the other side of the island? You have the time if they have the room. Gentry’s is a full service Mariana there.


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