Hawaii Passage: Getting Close!

The crew of SV Estelle expect to make landfall sometime tomorrow. In Hawaii they will be met with a 14-day quarantine on the boat. While the quarantine order is currently set to lift on April 30, most of our contacts expect the order to be extended through May. We are anxiously awaiting news of the quarantine from the State of Hawaii.

In the midst of this uncertainty, Estelle will be taking on in Hilo another crew member for the leg to Alaska or Puget Sound–final destination yet to be decided. The new crew member brings a wealth of on-the-water experience to Estelle and will take the Galley Wench’s place in the watch rotation. Stay tuned for more deets on the new crew member in a future post.

April 24, 2020

Note from El Capitán to New Crew

We will probably get to Hilo on the 25th or 26th.  Still not sure what we’ll find regarding restrictions and quarantine, but I assume it will be the same as are currently in place.  In that case, we will probably turn around pretty quickly.

You asked about bringing anything for the boat.  One thing might be charts/guide books for Alaska and the Inside Passage.  I still don’t know if that is our next destination but I’d like to be prepared, just in case.  I have an old Charlie’s Charts North to Alaska and the Best Anchorages of the Inside Passage, but those were more for background than anything.  

We left La Paz in a bit of a hurry and expected to have more time for planning in Hilo.  I don’t think there is a lot on the Big Island, in terms of a marine hardware store / chandlery.  Fortunately, the boat is in pretty good shape and there is nothing that we need urgently.  I do wish I had a spare propane solenoid — thought I did but can’t find it.  Standard fittings for a Force 10 cooker.  We had a wiring issue with it early in the passage but were able to fix it.  In looking at the solenoid itself, however, I was disappointed in its condition.  It’ll be fine for the next few weeks but eventually needs to be replaced.  The belt and suspenders part of me wants a spare on board but it is probably not a big deal.  

The main thing to bring is simply your charming personality and positive attitude.  I look forward to having you on board.

The Galley Wench Report

What is it about tomatoes? When they are good they’re the best thing on the planet.  How can these little buggers be red and ready to eat 3 weeks ago and still look and taste the same now?  Can you say GMO? Tomato?  That could be the start of a limerick! I wonder how long I can keep them going?  Anyone want a tomato?

Pretty exciting day yesterday.  Attached is a picture of my bottom as my head is buried deep into the fridge.  I was in the middle of a deep clean and a defrost.  I could have probably climbed into the fridge that’s how big it is.  What you don’t see is that I am standing on an overturned pot so I can reach deep enough into the inner gorge. It was an adventure being on one leg, on a pot, in rolling seas. 

Speaking of…. the seas picked up yesterday and really started kicking in oh about 1-2 am this morning.  Large swells and significant gusts.  Reefed the main as it started to drizzle.  Well, Mark reefed the main, I just hid from the wind and rain. Winds have continued in the 25 knot arena as I write this.  The winds have blown out some of the clouds and it is a warm, glorious, sunny day.  It’s hard to capture the size of the swells on camera. Everything in the photos just looks flat.  Rob is trying to surf one despite all. 

I’m predicting Saturday for Hilo.   Probably around 1800-2000 UTC time. Woohoo! Surfs up! 
Cheers from the crew

6 thoughts on “Hawaii Passage: Getting Close!

  1. Using Google, looks like there is a full service marina in Honokohau Harbor in Kona on the other side of the island from Hilo. Goes by Gentry’s Kona Marina.
    I imagine they would have the desired solenoid if your land based contact can bring it to Estelle.


  2. Woohoo! Surfs up. Certainly will be interesting to see what the islanders attitude is toward haoles in the time of Covid. Missing you guys and so psyched for u to be there; living vicariously here in d-town. Still busting up the backcountry and catching up on the next series. Boring. Here’s to staying well


  3. Hello Heidi! and whomever sees this! happily watching Estelle’s approach to the Islands on Tradewinds. this is from Rob’s almost youngist sis in MA. where Covid-19 hasn’t quite peaked yet. lockdown here looking until maybe Memorial Day. I and kids and grand babies are all good! hope there is space for this but here’s a limerick i came up with!:

    Estelle, to all your healthy crew,
    I bet you can’t wait for that 1st brew!
    God Speed on all your travels
    and enjoy your healthy stews.
    We’re all in it with yous!


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