Hawaii Passage: ABBLC Crew Entries

April 23, 2020 continued…

A little background. The Schmidt family (the LWS and Galley Wench are Schmidt sisters) lost a beloved extended family member four years ago. With this death, the annual family limerick contest was renamed the Annual Bob Brown Limerick Contest, fondly known as the ABBLC.

Not about to let the crew of Estelle shirk this annual family responsibility with the paltry excuse of being at sea, and determined to wrest the bragging rights from last year’s winner (the Galley Wench), the land-based Station Manager goaded the crew with the following:

There once was a sailor named Rob
Who let out a long drawn out sob
I miss my dear wife
She’s the love of my life
And I’ve got her a Galley Wench job!

There once was a sailor named Wen
Who sailed on Estelle now and then
Signing on as the cook
The passage length she mistook
Crying, “Get me away from these men!”

Responding to this thrown-down gauntlet, the stalwart crew of SV Estelle quickly responded with valor and without a rhyming dictionary or working smart phone. Even Gregg was led to the plank and jumped into the waters of the ABBLC–good sport that he is. Here is the crew’s first round of entries to the 2020 ABBLC.

There once was a sailor at sea
Who suddenly needed to pee
He stood on the rail
Got hit by the sail
That’s the last of him we shall see

The brave and bold crew of Estelle
Sailed off from La Paz feeling well
Hawaii they’re bound
Or is that Puget Sound?
The crew just states “What the hell!” 

At sea on the trusty Estelle
Bobbing like a pendulum on a bell
Heading to Hawaii in the pacific
And then nowhere specific
But first our quarantine from hell

In order to escape the flu
We sailed bravely into the blue
It might be best 
If we had a test 
But our president said “poo poo”

We eagerly await the second round of poetry from the crew. (Every family member is encouraged to submit two limericks.) Hmmm…I wonder what rhymes with luau? If you have an answer to this important question or are otherwise so-inclined, the Station Master urges blog readers to join in the limerick fun and address a limerick for the crew in a comment to this post.

Cautions. Family members please be aware that you will still be obliged to submit your limericks in a separate email to the ABBLC administrator, aka Christin. ABBLC newcomers, please keep in mind that this is a FAMILY contest and rhyme accordingly.

Respectfully Yours, the Station Manager

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