Hawaii Passage: Who’s Gregg? And Bonus Video!

April 23, 2020

The land-based Station Master finds herself busy catching up with correspondence from SV Estelle to be free and clear when news of the Hawaii landfall arrives this weekend. Here is a long overdue post about Estelle’s mysterious 4th crew member, Gregg, who is probably unknown to most of you.

El Capitán and the Light Weight Sailor met the crew of SV Koper Kabana, Gregg, partner Carrie, and dog Whitby, in the mooring field of Puerto Escondido where both boats were sheltering from a patch of particularly nasty northers. Fast forward to La Paz and our last days in Mexico where Gregg and Carrie are credited with turning us on to our favorite Fish Taco restaurant off of the Malecón. Impressed with his obvious good taste, El Capitán invited Gregg to join Estelle on the Hawaii Passage.

Gregg and Dorado! (Mahi Mahi)

With Carrie all for it (she returned stateside with Whitby to visit her mom) the Koper Kabana crew got their boat prepped and stowed away in a La Paz marina where they plan to return once the Covid 19 virus subsides enough to make travel to Mexico safe again. This is Koper Kabana’s third season in the Sea of Cortez and prior to Covid they had been planning to spend the entire year–through the summer–in the Sea, moving north as the season progressed. Carrie and Gregg are enthusiastic divers and will undoubtedly spend much of their summer in the water. We hope they are able to return to Koper Kabana and resume their adventures.

Some fast facts about Gregg:

  1. Captain of SV Koper Kabana – A Moody 37
  2. From Boston but lives in the Sacramento area
  3. So he’s a Patriots and Red Sox fans (but we don’t hold that against him)
  4. Retired RN – cardiac, mostly ICU
  5. Loves fishing, diving, sailing and traveling
  6. Shares Carrie with Whitby
  7. And most important as Estelle’s 4th crew member: is easy going, funny, has a big heart, and his own hydrovane

Carrie, a fantastic photographer, has posted a five minute video on youtube of Koper Kabana’s time in the Sea of Cortez. This is her FIRST video. It’s amazing. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Hawaii Passage: Who’s Gregg? And Bonus Video!

    1. Loved the video – watched this morning while drinking my coffee and wondered “what a wonderful world”………….!
      Lynae O.


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