Aloha to the Aloha State Part 2

Monday May 18

Anchor Away! 8:45 UTC

SV Estelle left Hilo Harbor, on the big island of Hawaii today. Destination: Friday Harbor. Before leaving, they picked up a 5th crew member who flew in from Port Townsend. Say hi to Bob ya’ll!

Estelle Welcomes Bob Aboard!

Before leaving Hawaii the Station Manager was able to pry a few words from the busy-provisioning Galley Wench.

The Galley Wench Report

Life after quarantine???? Life after quarantine has been pretty much the same as life before quarantine. The most significant change is that we left Dan Handlers paradise-like estate in exchange for a converted garage efficiency room. No more giant kitchen, choice of inside or outside shower, no more making fresh coconut milk, swimming daily in the crisp and clear river or walking Neo the loyal Aussie-mix breed. We have been reduced to a coffee pot and a microwave.

In exchange we have wheels aka a Toyota Corolla from Ricks fabulous rental cars and two cruiser bikes thanks to Gustavo our air bnb super host.

Our Hawaiian days were filled with hiking, swimming and preparing Estelle for the next leg. The galley has been cleaned and sterilized, the generator had an oil change and a few bolts tightened, and Estelle’s had her bottom cleaned!

Reunited Poker Buddies

Rob found poker buddy Nick and wife Carmen living in HPP aka Hawaiian Paradise Park. Spent two afternoons catching up and adventuring with Nick.

Pre-passage tasks included a last visit to a local farmers market and finishing up the shopping for dairy and fresh meat – fresh meat meaning the good stuff…chorizo, chicken and apple sausage, and bacon!

Farewell Bonfire at Dan’s

Bonfire at Dans last night, where we ate steak tacos and Okinawa haupia cheesecake and played a last game of rat trap with the family.

Last Meal on Land – Reed’s Bay

Ending post with assorted fotos from the Big Island. We are ready to rock and roll! Aloha!

The Bits at 11000 feet up Mauna Kea
Aloha Hawaii!

5 thoughts on “Aloha to the Aloha State Part 2

  1. Hope you have a safe trip. It’s been fascinating to watch the weather systems parade across the area where you will be sailing. Trying to snake your way through the calms and headwinds to find fair sailing must be an interesting challenge.


  2. Bon Voyage! Looks like paradise was paradise and now it’s time for a bit more space and room to move. Enjoy.


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