Galley Update

May 21, 23, 2020

Report from the Chief Galley Officer

It’s the start of day four. I finally am feeling rested and settled. It was a rough start. Rolling seas with whitecaps, hot weather, and sailing a close/beam reach made for a few wiggly stomachs and heads. The skipper of course had no problemo until it came time to cook and then… gas, well plenty of gas just no propane!

We had made an ad hoc repair to the propane solenoid on our travels to Hawaii and the little bugger finally gave up! It was a bit tired and crusty. No solenoid = no propane to burners = no pancakes.

In comes Bob to the rescue! With clever planning from skipper and Bob a spare solenoid had been procured and brought over from the mainland. A little wrenching later… See picture number three- the results! Banana pancakes, yum

Day 6. How time flies when you are having fun. Lost our wind yesterday but between the skipper, ESTELLE’s superior ability to sail in low winds, and the assistance of a Volvo devil engine we managed 134 miles. That’s pretty impressive to me. However we all know by now when it comes to this journey there is a lot to be impressed about.

Because of the low winds and calm seas I the duly appointed GW (great woman, good ol Wendy, Gone Wonkie, galley wench, great wincher, grandious wanker, etc. take your pick) any ways the galley and food stores have been reorganized, cleaned up, chopped up, and are looking in good shape. Made three different types of pizza for dinner served with fresh green leaf salad. Classic pepperoni, fresh sauté mushroom, tomato, olive oil and garlic, pesto with black forest ham. All yummy.

The calm winds and seas allowed for our first Canasta lesson. A bit tough shuffling 3 decks of cards but we’re hooked and ready to play again today. Excited to bring this game to the table so to speak. I like the fact that 2,3 or 5 persons can play. Thanks goes out to Bob for bringing this excellent game to Estelle.

Today winds are still low. This morning we were looking a paltry 5-6 knots of breeze. But sails are up and we’re making way. Skys are clear, and seas are calm. Very very pleasant. Gives me time to chop more fresh veggie’s- thinking fettuccini Alfredo with fresh parsley and fresh weird Japanese mushrooms that I found at the farmers market in Hilo.

A bit of excitement this am. A turnbuckle that attaches the boom to the mainsail failed. I’ll send the pics and let the skipper fill in the details as my role consisted of moral support and making coffee. The fix is again….impressive and we are back under way with winds gusting to 10-11 knots, woohoo!

It’s turning into a day for more Canasta!
Cheers to all from down below.

Turnbuckle Repair at Sea

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