Passage Day 7: More on the Boom Fix and Lots of Bananas

May 24, 2020

From the Captain’s Log

We are doing well. Yesterday was moderately eventful. We had to repair the gooseneck, as the pin broke at the bottom. I think we have a strong fix using some Amsteel Blue / Dyneema type line; we’ll keep a close eye on it, of course. Not to worry.

We also had a late-night gybe, just before sunup, so sleep has been somewhat disrupted. Today has been nice however. We will gybe back onto starboard later today and begin moving more easterly with the approaching low.

We are sailing very conservatively, which will slow our progress somewhat. I’m okay with that, as are the crew, and we are in no rush. We will sail around bad weather rather than through it.

Time to start the generator and sign off.

Report from the Chief Galley Officer

Good morning from the Pacific!
We are roughly 1600 miles from Cape Flattery! Meaning we’ve gone about 700 miles or 120 miles avg per day- slower than our passage from Mexico to Hilo, but as expected. Our weather predictions had us in lighter winds for the beginning of this journey.

It’s a beautiful morning on board. Our time clock is a bit wonky. We’re trying to adjust to Pacific time, use UTC time for boat activities like watch and log, but still sleep/wake cycle is on Hawaii time.

Made banana bread last night from my buddy Elena’s apple bananas. Delicious. Going to have to go on some kind of ridiculous cleanse once our feet our back on the big island (aka North American continent) A cleanse that eliminates coffee, carbs, sugar, and junk food.

Yesterday we had coffee and banana muffins of course, egg frittata, chips and salsa, tuna sammies (rats canned tuna not fresh- were banking on fish catching) fettuccini Alfredo. Finished up with a slice of Okinawa sweet potato haupia cheese cake. I will add that I added sautéed trumpet mushrooms to the Alfredo noodles to ensure that we had plenty of fresh veggies. Today is starting out much the same with cups of coffee and banana bread instead of muffins. Got to have variety.

Set up the outside shower yesterday! Yummy! Nothing like hosing off with hot water, the sun and wind on your face. Bob gave it the first test. Played more can-nasty, having fun with that, listening to good music, and sharing each other’s company seems to fill our days. And today looks like more of the same with the exception of meal planning, I’m thinking, fruit and granola breakfast, nachos for lunch, enchiladas for dinner, followed by a wafer thin chocolate digestive. 

That’s all for now from Lake Wobegon. signing out- cheers!

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