Landfall Tomorrow!

June 6, 2020

From the Captain’s Log

We are currently at 47d 29’n 131d 20’w, or about 260 miles SW of the entrance buoy to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Subject to change, of course, but it looks like we will arrive there at around midday / early-afternoon on Sunday. If so, we should have a favorable flood tide for much of the afternoon / evening. From there to Port Angeles is about 65-70 nautical miles, putting us there around late-night / early-morning. We would tie-up at the fuel dock and wait until morning.

From Port Angeles to Friday Harbor is another 35-40 nm through Cattle Pass; with a strong ebb in the morning and strong flood in the afternoon. We would try to time the tide and arrive in FH late afternoon on Monday, if we can get out of PA at a decent time.

I’ll let you know more when we get closer but thought you’d like to know how it looks as of now.

Chief Galley Officer Report

Now I know that I am a fair weather sailor. I want blue skies, swimsuits, and tanning on the deck. Drizzle, cold winds, and no sun does not make my happy place.

Yesterday morning we had beautiful blue sky and sunshine for a short bit, then clouds, and finally drizzle by evening. Lots of time for books, cards, cooking, and kitchen remodel plans. We also ran out of wind last night- like really ran out. We have been making 140-150 miles a day, I’m thinking yesterday was 1/2 of that. Rats.

But today’s a new day, no more drizzle, its raining! But we have a breeze averaging around 15 knots, yahoo.

I sent video of cooking bacon (note from SM—video did not come through) of our braised cabbage with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Followed by a mixed fruit crumble made from apples, peaches, Okinawa sweet potatoes, blueberries, cranberries, and ginger. All topped off with yum…clotted heavy cream.

I’m still hopeful that we will see whales. I’ve been reading about Orcas and the sad case of the San Juan Island’s southern resident whales. I’m reading “Endangered Orcas” by Monika Shields. She’s not the best writer but the book is super detailed and easy to read. I would recommended it. I’m about 1/4 of the way through. And our little squall is almost over, back to 10 knot winds.

When I get to dry land I wanna long hot shower that doesn’t move, (really hard to shave your legs and put on lip stick when the boat is heeling.) I want long lazy chats with my friends and family, and never to wash another dish. My needs are simple. Ttfn

5 thoughts on “Landfall Tomorrow!

  1. Wendy,
    I know the feeling well. Leaving BVI in May, we had balmy conditions all the way to Bermuda. Then a blow. But once crossing the Gulf Stream on the way to Newport the weather turned cold, blustery and wet. All the clothing and foul weather gear could never quite overcome the chill, especially on the night watch. But keep the faith, once on dry land you will enjoy it more for having gone through the nasty part.
    Uncle David


  2. Very excited to know you are close to completing your journey and will be safely home soon. Thanks Mark for allowing us to share some of your experiences!
    Lynae and John


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