Closing In

June 7, 2020

Captain’s Log

Yesterday we motored for a few hours, hopefully the last stretch of that until the Strait. We are racing another large low pressure system that will bring strong winds and big seas along the Washington Coast and Vancouver Island on Monday and Tuesday, so we want to be inside the Strait before then.

In the meantime, it has been a true pleasure working with the team at Commander’s (our weather routing service) and comforting to know we have the support of such professionals .

Estelle’s Pacific Circle

GO Report Sunday Morning

Robert at the Wheel

Cruising nicely with 20 knots of breeze and gusts to 25- wind should be increasing as we get closer! Two reefs in the main and no jib but we’re still making 7 knots! I’m expecting to see signs of land by this afternoon. I think we’re all ready to get off and stretch our legs.

Hoping for some kind of cell service as we get closer. Looking like Port Angeles sometime in the wee hours of Monday am.

I’m pretty proud of how well everyone is doing, including ESTELLE, she’s had one hell of a work out. Cheers WB

GO Report Saturday Afternoon

We’re closing in on the target. Roughly 172 miles to the mouth of Cape Flattery! A bit ambivalent about getting back to the real world. There is something really nice about isolation.

Today should be a vegetable soup of conditions. Partly cloudy with a nice warm breeze to start the morning. Motored for a few hours earlier today, winds picked up (10 knots) so just hoisted the mainsail, maybe for the last time. Expecting periodic rain squalls with winds picking up later this afternoon/ evening.

I do a lot of meal prep when I expect higher winds and rougher seas. Made bread this am and getting ready to slice potatoes for a green chili scalloped potato dish for this evening. Think we’re down to Oreos for dessert. How one does suffer when on the high seas.

We all took turns reading a great book, Warlight, but we’re running out of the fun easy reads. My bathroom/kitchen remodel plans continue and I’ve finished Mesa Verde Victim, another great “who done it” by the talented and clever writer, Scott Graham. I try to write a few words every day to update the blog, I’m totally in awe of those who write routinely for a living. I simply don’t have the brain capacity. I’m much more the “go chase the squirrel” kind. If you get my drift.

Once again it’s great hearing from you all. It’s funny how we all gather round to see who has a message. Even if it’s a simple hello it launches us into a chat about, who wrote the message and how they fit in our lives. TTFN WB

8 thoughts on “Closing In

  1. Hello Estelle crew! I thought I better give a shout out so our dear friend Bob can talk about us ❤️
    Loved following your adventure and hope to meet you- we sail a HR39- #206/ Zube. Just spent a perfect week in calm seas in the South Sound.
    Cheers all!! Mike and Sue Jostrom


  2. Happy Sunday! It’s so exciting to follow you and see how close you are getting to land. Wendy sounds so creative in the kitchen. Any whales? Enjoy your last couple of days on the boat. Thinking about you guys here in Seattle.


  3. Congratulations on a job well done. Joyce and Jim, (mom & dad/ inlaws) Grandpa and Grandma Jay and all your Aunts/ Uncles etc are proud of you and were with you in spirit.Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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  4. just think of all the stories you’ll be able to tell and  watch the results of peoples reactions to your great baptism by ocean — hooray for  all of you — hope the last leg  finds  you beating the high pressure and  having a smooth  ride into port — i  vaguely remember the sea legs that’ll take a bit to get used to —  and I had nowhere near  even one of your days at sea — ill miss your updates and look forward to hearing more in person — squeezes my loves — g


    1. Nearly done! Hope for safe sailing for the rest of your amazing adventure. It has been great to follow along from land locked (except for the rivers) Durango. We miss you Bitner two and hope to meet some of the other crew members on the other side.
      Love, Sue (Weber) and Paul Jankowski


  5. Hello all. It has been fun to watch your progress and I’m happy all my prayers for your safe journey have been answered. It was fun to see you all reading Warlight, but could none of you do a book review for us? Guess I’ll have to go to and check it out!


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