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June 7, 2020 (Last Night)

Coming in Hot!

Mainland has been spotted! The adventure is coming to a bittersweet end.

Thanks to Mark and Heidi for the invite and captaining this most excellent adventure. Mark made the trip safe and as comfortable as possible especially at night allowing us the best chance for a good nights sleep.

Thanks to Gregg and Bob for sharing their sailing expertise and help grinding, hoisting, and trimming of sails. Extra time was spent learning new card games and eating fresh fish. And of course thanks to Wendy for joining in at the last minute, bringing your love of life and keeping an eye on your old man.

Our plan is to spend a bit of time in the Northwest visiting friends and family. Then back to Durango and the real world. Thanks to all our followers for the words of encouragement and hellos, the comments made our day. We indeed had the wind at our backs and fair skies ahead.

Final Sunset at Sea

7 thoughts on “Rob Blog

  1. Welcome home…or to Estelle’s home. I really enjoyed reading about your adventures at sea! Happy you are safe !


  2. Wow, it has been a pleasure following your amazing journey. Well done Gregg, Rob, Wendy, Mark and Bob. Thanks for sharing your trip with all of us. Welcome home!


  3. Rob,

    Great way to get her to shut down. Remember the conversation we had and I told you she needed to go far away and relax. Good job! I’m in AZ now so when you come for baseball. We need to drink and catch up. Safe finish!


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